Effective Change Management Plans

1. Train users properly to complete the change process
  • Without proper training of management and employees the process will be ineffective.
  • An effective change plan spans the enterprise. With a potentially large number of users, be sure to fill in all gaps in the training process.
2. Document all enterprise changes.
  • Software is usually use to track the change management process. It could be simple or complex.
  • It's crucial that change implementation can be updated as the activities for change are in process. The process documents all changes across the enterprise so it is easy to see the details of any change initiative when needed.
3. Obtain executive buy-in through approval.
  • Executive buy-in is extremely important with any new porject or initiative. The executive staff usually approves changes for the enterprie, so the change managemnet plan must inclde all the necessary approvals from the right peopole upfront.
4. Provide a roadmap to successfully implement the change.
  • Users most properly input all the required informaiton into the change process system. Required informatin should include all steps needed to effectiely complete the change, with steps marked off as they are completed. This will allow managemen to get updates on the change initiative easliy and in real time.
5. Define the resources needed to execute the change.
  • When the resoucesa re peole they also need to be scheduled to keep the change implementation on schedule.
6. Set the time frame for implenmenting the change.
  • Set a definitie start and end date. Open-ended change initiative often never end.
  • IF the change managmenet initiative fails, do not leave it ipen. close the tasks in the systemand prvide the necessary reports to management. Then re-openthe initiative when the failure issues have been resolved.
7. Define the deployment process.
  • Everyone affeted by the change needs to know how the change will be delivered.
8. Provide an audit report.
  • The audit report should show all details of the change implementation activities, who completed the activity, when the atitiry was completed, and status.
9. Allow a completion report to be easily created.
  • The completion report should note any issues or problems with the change implemantation and whether or not it was effectiely completed.

From Infonomics: September/October 2008, p16 Dennis P. Drury