Teaching Resources

Instructional Technology Media Guide for Digital Cameras. http://k-12.pisd.edu/multimedia/peripherals/camera/camera.htm
64 Ways To Tell a Digital Story http://cogdogroo.wikispaces.com/50+Ways
Web 2.0 Stories http://web2storytelling.wikispaces.com/
Digital Storytelling in the Classroom - a list of resources.
Why Tell Stories?
Examples of Digital Storytelling
Meg Ormiston's Digital Storytelling Resources
Effective Storytelling
Fantastic Directions on Storyboarding

Print Materials

Digital Storytelling In The Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning, And Creativity - Ohler

Telling Digital Stories with Drawings


Learn More - Articles on Digital Storytelling

The Case for Digital Storytelling in the Classroom
How to Use Digital Storytelling in Your Classroom
The Power of Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: Telling Stories with Technology
The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
Digital Storytelling Finds Its Place In The Classroom
An excellent article that is a must read! http://www.wtvi.com/teks/07_08_articles/mobile-digital-storytelling.html

Places to Post Digital Stories

http://prezi.com/ lets you make slide shows with text, images, audio and movies.
Gcast http://www.gcast.com/

Tools for Creating Digital Books

Mixbook http://www.mixbook.com/ (Allows teachers to invite student who create accounts to collaborate on books.)
Tikatok http:www.tikatok.com / (Allows teachers to create student accounts to better manage the books.)
BookRix http://www.bookrix.com/ (Create and share ebooks and online stories.)
Panraven http://www.panraven.com/ (Create, share and publish digital books.)
Bookbuilder http://bookbuilder.cast.org/ (Allows you and your students to create virtual digital books online.)
PDF Flash http://www.pdfflash.com/ (Turns a PDF into a digital book.)
MyPublisher http://www.mypublisher.com/ (Turn photos and stories into real books.)
Tabblo http://www.tabblo.com/ (A tool for creating shareable online stories.)
Smile Books http://www.smilebooks.com/ (Turn photos and stories into real books.)
Blurb http://www.blurb.com/ (Turn photos and stories into real books.)
Lulu http://www.lulu.com/ (Create print or ebooks.)

Copyright Friendly Photos for Projects

Burning Well (http://www.burningwell.org/)Public Domain Photos
Gimp Savy Community-Indexed Photo Archive (http://gimp-savvy.com/PHOTO-ARCHIVE/) Public Domain Photos
Free Nature Photos (http://www.freenaturepictures.com/) Public Domain Photos
Animal Picture Archive (http://animalpicturesarchive.com/ ) Free Animal Pictures
Public Domain Clip Art (http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/links/clipart.html) Links to public domain clip art.
Jon Maloney's Free Photos (http://members.carol.net/~jmaloney/animals.htm�44��45�An amateur wildlife photographer's collection.
Animal Pictures from South Africa. (http://www.bushveld.co.za/)
PublicDomain. ORG (http://pdphoto.org/) Free public domain photo database.
Public Domain Images (http://www.public-domain-image.com/)
Pic4Learning - http://pics.tech4learning.com/ Copyright friendly images for teachers and students.

Directions for Making Podcasts in GarageBand


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