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O.Zone Region V (Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz)
I sent a request by email for more details on 3/7/2010


CyberHigh Fresno Unified
I emailed a request for more info on 3/7/2010.
Here is the email reply from CyberHigh on 3/8/2010
Thank you for your inquiry. Cyber High is the on-line version of The California PASS Program, which is a State of California program. The PASS (Portable Assisted Study Sequence) Program was developed by the Migrant Program operated by the Fresno County Office of Education. The program is available to both migrant and non-migrant students.

Cyber High is now being utilized in approximately 200 schools/districts in California. It is an ideal program for credit accrual or credit recovery. Schools or districts purchase the number of courses they desire, and a district teacher(s) is assigned to Cyber High and enrolls students. Students work through a course one unit at a time, and there are five units for each course. There is a final exam for each unit; if a student passes the final exam, he/she earns one credit; therefore, each course successfully completed equates to five credits. Once a course is completed, a transcript is sent to the school registrar. Students can work at their own pace; for an average student, each unit will require approximately 15 hrs of work -- high achievers will require less time, and lower achievers will require more time.

For additional information, there are two websites you can visit, '' and ''. While on the ‘’ site, open the “Curriculum” tab, and you will find a list of courses --the courses marked with an asterisk (*) meet the a-g requirements for the University of California. To find the scope and sequence of a course, go to '' and open the "Using Pass" tab, then open the "Curriculum" tab, go to “Course Content” and click on a course. When ordering, use the list of courses shown on the '' site, because not all PASS courses are available in Cyber High format. There is also a new video posted at [ ]

Mr. Rob Darrow from Clovis Unified School District has some especially great information for folks interested in starting an online high school.
Excellent presentation laying out the reasoning for online or blended learning.

Riverside Unified: Virtual High School

Here is a link to one Orange County:

UC College Prep

The University of California makes online material that supports all A-G classes. Resources should be advertised to all teachers to integrate into their class websites.