Here is a link to project software..

Touch Mouse software for iphone!

This is a list of ongoing projects which I am involved in with the status of each one. They are not necessarily in order of importance.

Rebuild Work Order Server or move to MyTechDesk

Procedure to communicate with HR to remove or add staff from systems.

Library Alexandria Server and workstations (AA/SY/MP/high school techs/EK/JT planning )

  1. Resolve issue with connectivity at Baldwin library.
  2. Setup server. (RR/AK)
  3. Create internal and external (HS only) DNS entries for each library IP addresses. (MP)
  4. Setup link to outside IPs for high school libraries.
  5. Deliver computers.
  6. Setup Librarian computers.
  7. Connect bar code scanners.
  8. Connect Blue Tooth bar code scanners.
  9. Attempt setup of old data on new computers.
  10. Setup lookup stations.
  11. Install Software.
  12. Set aside old computers.
  13. Set server to backup to off-site backup.
  14. Training the first week of school for librarians.


By July 22 setup server
By July 23 Complete Highlands, Marguerita, Granada, Emery Park Brightwood, Repetto and Garfield.
By July 30 Complete Ramona, Park, Ynez, Northrup, Baldwin, Fremont.

SGHS Tech Projects

  1. Need to add a new Read180 classroom
  2. Reading Intervention - Stretch multiple rooms to be setup and cabled.
  3. I Can Learn Math - several classrooms need to be setup and cabled.
  4. Setup lab in rm E206.

New HR/Time Keeping Server and Software (Hess and Associates)

  1. Setup server.
  2. Migrate staff information from AS400.
  3. Install workstation software at district office.
  4. Install software at school sites.
  5. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop software on Macs at school sites (us shortcut).
  6. Train staff.
  7. Troubleshoot problems.

I Can Learn (Math) servers for AHS/SGHS (AA

  1. Get specs for workstations.
  2. Specify servers.
  3. Order servers.
  4. Get room locations for both schools.
  5. Setup and install server.
  6. Setup and install software on workstations.

Marcus Douglass is the Tech Support for I CAN LEARN 888-440-6756

Elementary School Office Computers

  1. Run OSX updates.
  2. Update OS to at least 10.4
  3. Update MS Office to 2004 with all 5 updates.
  4. Update FirstClass client to most recent version.
  5. Change computer name to match staff person.
  6. Change Account long name to match staff person.
  7. Turn on Remote desktop access.
  8. Document Admin password, IT number and serial number.

E-911 Information (AA/AE 3/5/2009 - Done)

  1. Submit company profile to Henri Silver (Done)
  2. Cecelia Willey to submit Inform 911 paperwork for PRI. (Done)
  3. Receive Security card from AT&T (Done)
  4. Receive username and password from AT&T (Done)
  5. Collect E-911 details for each phone number. (Done)
  6. Configure computer. (Done)
  7. Conect and update E-911 information. (Done)

TIS web site (All staff 3/5/2009 - 90%)

• links to demo videos, workorder server, PowerSchool, Email, teacher web server, ...
  1. Leslie Fisher to install engine. (Done)
  2. Leslie Fisher to build pages. (Done)
  3. Training for TIS staff. (Done)
  4. TIS staff trains other departments and schools.
  5. Build web pages.
  6. Add knowledge base page to TIS.

Microsoft Update Server for District Office (AA/MP - Research)

  1. Configure Windows update service.
  2. Download windows updates during off hours.

Windows Domain Controller for District Office (AA/MP - Research)

  1. Create domain AUSDO for district office.
  2. Backup documents on each computer.
  3. Join each computer to district office domain.
  4. Apply policy to install windows updates automatically.

Update E-mail server (AA/MP - Complete)

  1. Set up Intel computer with newest version of FirstClass Server. (Done)
  2. Backup post office. (Done)
  3. Update existing server to server version 9.1. (Done)
  4. Backup data. (Done)
  5. Have First Class run test migration of existing data. (Done)
  6. Schedule migration of live data. (Done)

Off-site Backup Server (AA/RC/MP/SY 3/5/2009 – 90%)

  1. Purchase Server. (Done)
  2. Order backup software. (Done)
  3. Move rack to AHS MDF. (Done)
  4. Setup server. (Done)
  5. Setup devices to be backup. (Done)
  6. Test and verify backups.(Done)
  7. Begin backing up all devices.(Done)
  8. Create system to log backups.(Done)
  9. Move server to AHS MDF.(Done)
  10. Configure network adaptor for UPS and install software on servers.(Done)
  11. Configure backups for VOIP CallManagers and Unity Voicemail.

Sys-Log Server (AA/SY - 3/17/2009 - Complete)

  1. Research free software (Done)
  2. Setup software on server. (Done)
  3. Configure network devices and servers to send sys-log messages to sys-log server. (80%)
  4. Copy configurations to sys-log server.(Done)
  5. Automate updates.(Done)
  6. Create notification for high level sys-log messages. (Done)
  7. Test(Done)
  8. Configure email server to send alerts.(Done)
  9. Create documentation.(Done)
  10. Commence use of server.(Done)

Groups and custom desktops for FirstClass (GC/AA/MP 3/5/2009 – Planning)

  1. Create groups.
  2. Create custom desktop with links to files for each group.
  3. Apply desktops to each group.

NOC Fire Suppression System (GC/AA/SY 3/5/2009 – Complete)

  1. Get quote.(Done)
  2. Get Board approval. (Done)
  3. District prepares NOC. (Done)
  4. Contractor installs system. (Done)
  5. Contractor tests system. (Done)
  6. District accepts system. (Done)

Power School Online Resources (AA/LB/GC 3/5/2009 – 75%)

  1. Overview movie. (Done)
  2. Citizenship movie. (Done)
  3. Entering grades movie.
  4. Creating categories movie.
  5. Custom grade scale movie.
  6. Class information movie.
  7. Getting Started documents posted. (Done)
  8. Inputting grades document posted. (Done)
  9. PowerTeacher Gradebook manual posted. (Done)
  10. Frequently Asked Questions posted. (Done)
  11. Gradebook conference in FirstClass. (Done)

Lightspeed Video Feature (AA/SY/MP 3/10/09 - Research)

  1. Upgrade Lightspeed server to version 7.2
  2. Setup accounts to approve videos.
  3. Setup accounts to request approvals.
  4. Train users.
  5. Turn on feature.

CTAP Survey for students and teachers (GC/AA/MP 3/9/2009 – 100%)

  1. Baldwin (Done)
  2. Brightwood (Done)
  3. Emery Park (Done)
  4. Fremont (Done)
  5. Garfield (Done)
  6. Granada (Done)
  7. Marguerita (Done)
  8. Highlands (Done)
  9. Northrup ( Done)
  10. Park (Done)
  11. Ramona Done)
  12. Repetto (Done)
  13. Ynez (Done)
  14. Alhambra High (Done)
  15. Mark Keppel High (Done)
  16. San Gabriel High (Done)
  17. Century High (Done)
  18. Independence High (Done)

ASES School Computers (MP/JJ 3/5/2009 – Complete)

Every site requires the following work to be done at approximately 10 hours of work.
  1. Unpack boxes.
  2. Put together tables.
  3. Attach lock down.
  4. Put computer in lock down.
  5. Update Apple OS and software.
  6. Install software.
  7. Configure users.
School Status:
  1. Ynez(Done)
  2. Park (Done)
  3. Granada(Done)
  4. Fremont(Done)
  5. Brightwood(Done)
  6. Repetto(Done)
  7. Garfield(Done)
  8. Marguerita(Done)
  9. Emery Park(Done)
  10. Highlands(Done)
  11. Northrup(Done)
  12. Ramona(Done)
  13. Baldwin(Done)

Virtual Server for computer lab (VMWare Image Server 3/5/2009 – Research)

Investigate a server setup which would allow us to have one image on a server and boot all computers from that.

New Lightspeed SPAM filter (AA/SY) (3/5/2009 – 98%)

  1. install failover card (Done)
  2. rackmount server (Done)
  3. cable server (Done)
  4. test (Done)
  5. configure (Done)
  6. adjust rules and settings (ongoing)
  7. reduce use of Barracuda (ongoing)
  8. make sure the mail is being archived on the separate drive (Done)
  9. change MX record at LACOE (Done)
  10. turn off Barracuda (Done)
  11. Train FirstClass users on Email summary feature.
  12. Turn on email summary feature.
  13. Turn on Challenge feature.

SIF Integration Project (AA/DC/SY/MP/GC 3/5/2009 - Research)

  1. Select server platform
  2. Select software vendor

Document Mangement Server (All staff 3/5/2009 - Research)

  • for knowledge base, professional learning communities, parents, teachers, student,...
  • consider using FirstClass groups with custom desktops.

District Office Wireless Network (AA/SY/DM 3/5/2009 100%)

  1. Site survey (Done)
  2. Select position of access points (APs) (Done)
  3. Verify CAT6 wiring to locations (Done)
  4. Work with Facilities to terminate and/or install cables (ongoing)
  5. Install APs. (Done)
  6. Install Network Access Control (NAC) device (Done)
  7. Configure equipment. (Done)

Caller ID Issue on PRI (AA 3/5/2009 - 100%)

  1. Contact AT&T for details on problem. (Done)
  2. Troubleshoot problem with AT&T technicians. (Done)
  3. Make changes to Cisco Call Manager. (Done)
  4. Verify changes with AT&T. (Done)
  5. Verify callerID details with outside phone numbers. (Done)

Connect-ED (AA/RR 3/5/2009 100%)

  1. Language codes to Connect-ED (Done)
  2. Initial student data import to Connect-Ed (Done)
  3. Initial employee data import to Connect-Ed (Done)
  4. Install autoscript on Powerschool for nightly student update (Done)
  5. Work with Client Care rep to create usernames, passwords, roles (Done)
  6. Make site visits for principals (Done)

IOS Upgrade AHS Router (AA 3/5/2009 - 2%)

  1. Setup district TFTP server
  2. Load images on test router
  3. Verify Appletalk service on test router
  4. Upload IOS to AHS router
  5. Upgrade IOS
  6. Add Appletalk settings
  7. Verify improved service

Conficker Worm Mitigation (SY/MP/RR/AK/AA - 100%)

  1. Confirm or install anti-virus software. (Done)
  2. Complete all Windows updates. (Done)
  3. Configure Ligthspeed server agent settings to automatically delete found viruses. (Done)

New Announcement for Main District Line (AA 3/5/2009 10%)

(CCM is presently forwarding all request to AMANDA which has been configured with new district numbers.)
  1. check to see if voicemail can forward out of the system
  2. design Call Handlers based on present Amanda system
  3. get approval on language and structure
  4. record greetings and configure
  5. record "On Hold" greeting with district message to be played on all phones

NetFlow Server (AA 9/30/2008 - 100%)

  • configure Marengo router to send netflow packets (Done)

VOIP Analog backup lines (AA 12/30/2008 - 100%)

Mission and Marengo Conference Room Phones (AA/SY ?)

  • Install wall brackets. (Done)
  • Install conference room phones. (75%)

Enterprise Management System (AA - 3/19/2009 Research)

5 Year Plan

  • Vision
  • Plan
  • Scheme of Work
  • Documentation
  • Describe team member responsibilities
  • Allocate budget
  • Examine other plans
  • Train teachers and other staff
  • Delegate

Online Process Management (All staff 3/5/2009 - Research)

  • Lightspeed review log
  • TSR completions
  • backups

Upgrade VOIP Server (AA/RC)

  1. Submitted Purchase Request.
  2. Schedule upgrade with engineer.
  3. Notify staff of phone service interruptions.
  4. Upgrade.
  5. Verify.
  6. Use.

Cisco SMARTNet Maintenance Contracts (GC/RC/AA)

• Erate

Shared file server for district document (MP) to replace email downloads folder

DNS hack for Apple updates (MP)

LDAP address book (MP)

Zenoss Core server (MP/AA 3/5/2009 - Research)

• Zenoss Core is an award-winning open source IT monitoring product that delivers the functionality to effectively manage the configuration, health and performance of networks, servers and applications through a single, integrated software package.
• investigate
• install
• configure
• test