Excellent Search Sites

One Key (http://www.onekey.com) A Google Search Site
A Kids Search Page (http://www.rcls.org/ksearch.htm) Search Tools, Dictionaries, and much more.
Yahooligans (http://www.yahooligans.com) A really cool Kid Search Page.
Clusty (http://clusty.com/) A web search engine which categorizes or clusters your answers.
Ask Jeeves (http://www.ask.com) A natural language search engine.
The Wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.org) A free on-line encyclopedia in many languages.Information Literacy

Research Sites

Resources4 Teachers (http://www.4teachers.org) A wealth of resources for teachers and students.
Discovery Schools Web Site (http://school.discovery.com) Parents, Teachers, Students. Fresh ideas for learning.
AOL@School (http://www.aolatschool.com/) Student, Teacher and Parent resources.
Marco Polo (http://www.marcopolo-education.org/)
ResearchIt! (http://www.itools.com/) A great place to start searching! The Virtual Library (http://vlib.org/) Another great staring point.
The Library of Congress (http://www.loc.gov/) Go to the Library of Congress without going to Washington D.C.
National Archives and Records Administration (http://www.nara.gov)
ThinkFinity (http://www.thinkfinity.org/) An excellent source of lesson plans and researched information.